Conference MC&FPGA


2023 MC&FPGA

V International Scientific and Practical Conference “Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Device Development on Microcontrollers and FPGAs” MC&FPGA-2023

The conference will be held on the basis of the Department of Microprocessor Technologies and Systems, Faculty of Information Radio Technology and Technical Information Protection of the Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, June 22-23, 2023, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Topics of the conference:

  • Mathematical modeling of information signals and systems;
  • Hardware Description Languages;
  • Systems of computer aided design of devices on microcontrollers, microprocessors and FPGAs;
  • Features of device development on microcontrollers and microprocessors;
  • Aspects of the development of devices in the FPGA;
  • Architecture and microarchitecture of specialized computing systems;
  • Modern trends in the design of microprocessor technology;
  • The problem of improving the quality of training specialists.

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    1. Study of the Effectiveness of Using Nextion Displays in Projects Based on STM32 Microcontrollers
      Oleg Zubkov, Iryna Svyd, Oleksandr Vorgul
    2. Digital Twin of the Educational Equipment “Sorting Station”
      Sergiy Novoselov, Oksana Sychova
    3. Hardware for Providing Smart Farming Technologies
      Volodimir Karnaushenko, Liudmyla Sviderska
    4. Modeling the Acoustic Channel of Voice Information Leakage
      Anatoliy Oleynikov, Oleksii Bilotserkivets, Oleksandr Shirokyi
    5. Sound Design Exploration in Educational Multimedia Publications Applying Computing Platform
      Tetyana Neroda
    6. Overview of Modern Augmented Reality Capabilities for Creating a Navigation Aid for the Blind
      Andrii Sokolov, Oleg Avrunin, Andrii Sokolov
    7. Analysis of the importance of continuous professional development for IT specialists
      Mariia Herus, Olha Myttseva
    8. Development of Environment for Generating Personalized Schedules
      Andrii Vytak, Andrii Semchyshyn
    9. “Microprogramming” Course in the Knowledge Field 12 “Information Technology”
      Mykhailo Petryshyn, Lubomyr Petryshyn
    10. Design and Synthesis of Multi-Bit Binary Adders on FPGA
      Volodymyr Hryha, Volodymyr Mandzyuk, Ihor Kohut, Andriy Pavlyshyn
    11. Building a Virtual Hardware Laboratory with FPGA and Raspberry Pi Integration
      Vladyslav Baida, Sergii Ivanets
    12. Image Сlustering Method on FPGA
      Valeriia Chumak, Vitaly Tsivinskyi
    13. Sobel Algorithm for Processing Medical Images on FPGA
      Valeriia Chumak, Deryuga Ilya
    14. Trends and Innovations in Energy-Efficient Microprocessor Development: a Comprehensive Analysis
      Fedir Kyrpota, Yan Khalimonov, Valeriia Chumak
    15. FPGA-based Architecture for Image Processing using Convolutional Neural Networks
      Valeriia Chumak, Vitaly Tsivinskyi
    16. Pseudo Random Value Generation in STM32 Cube
      Oleksandr Vorgul, Iryna Svyd, Oleg Zubkov
    17. Methods for Processing Medical Images on FPGA
      Valeriia Chumak, Kateryna Stetsenko
    18. Role of Web Application Security in the Modern Educational Process at Higher Education Institutions
      Mariia Kulyk, Olha Myttseva
    19. Cooperation with the University of Limoges on Teaching the Discipline “Designing Devices on Microcontrollers and FPGAs”
      Iryna Svyd, Oleksandr Vorgul, Oleg Zubkov, Sergey Sakalo, Vahid Meghdadi, Valerii Semenets
    20. Neuron Networks Design in STM32 Cube
      Oleksandr Vorgul, Iryna Svyd
    21. Development of a Clustered Flying Sensor Network Collection Model
      Yevgen Lifanov, Ilya Shapoval, Pavlo Galkin
    22. Development of a Model for Determining the Coordinates of Clustered Flying Sensor Network Nodes
      Artyom Malik, Ilya Shapoval, Pavlo Galkin